NewsX News Headlines Web Reader

NewsX is a news headline web reader. It has been a hobby project of mine since 2001. My vision for the site is to provide a clear, concise listing of headlines, with a smart and tight organization of channels and categories. I've added in action buttons to allow people to go deeper with news like searching for a headline on alternative sources like Google News, Yahoo News, Wikipedia, etc. I've added convenience actions like showing articles with in-page windows so you don't get have to use a new tab or window. It's these kinds of helpful actions and conveniences that I like when I read the news.

NewsX 1.0

The first version used a database and server-side processing to store, fetch and process headline data from when their feeds were still available. The site design was radically different as you can see (and laugh at) on's archive of the site.

NewsX 2.0

The second version, circa 2008, began with my interest in web 2.0 and my fascination with seeing just how much could be done client-side in the browser. It came with a new site design that still largely resembles the design today. The headlines still came from but, as far as was possible, I used client-side javascript to fetch, process and display headlines data. The only real need for the server was to by-pass cross-site origin security issues in browsers.

Unfortunately, stopped providing their free feeds somewhere around March 2012, and had no data to use until the third version, in August 2015.

NewsX 3.0

The third version, circa August 2015, came about when my interest was piqued again with developing sites that people would be interested in and actually use. NewsX was always one of those sites that had a small but decent following.

The first task was to see what I could use for headline data. It turns out everybody's using xml for this these days rather than the CSV/tab-separated format I was able to access before. This time around I wanted to make sure I wasn't relying on a single news source so I refactored with the specific intention to support multiple sources.

Client-side Design

Everything possible is done in javascript. I want it this way. I know things could be much faster, in some ways, if done on the server-side, but as this is a hobby project I follow my interests and I'm fascinated and intrigued seeing just how deep and powerful javascript in a browser can be.


I hope you find to your liking. If you have any comments, please don't hesitate to contact me.

- mjg/15